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30 degree Stanley Utility Knife Blade HIGH CARBON HIGH QUALITY Extra Sharp.

Genuine Woodpecker brand - Very high quality - Not the usual generic stuff.
These blades are not cheap and generic blades but very high quality.
They are sharper and will stay sharper than most other blades i have bought, including very well known and popular brands.
Extremely high quality blades.
Blades fit standard 18mm knifes.
Each pack includes 10 blades total.
9 x Blades in SK2 steel which is 1.2% Carbon.
1 x Blade in SK2H which is a slightly higher quality version of the SK2 and is 1.3% Carbon.
The Black SK2H blade is usually sold as a separate more expensive pack but is included in this batch as a sample from the manufacturer. 
More Carbon means a harder steel so is able to be sharpened and polished to a sharper edge and also stays sharper longer because of the extra hardness.
The Blades are 0.5mm thick which is pretty much standard but some cheaper blades can be slightly thinner.

Snap off Blade - High Quality

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