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Who we are, and what we do


Hi im Phil,

founder and owner of MakersPlace, and i love to make stuff!

I got into sewing quite a while ago, i liked to make "tactical" style bags and pouches. One problem i used to have is that i could never seem to find webbing.

One day i saw a supplier that we used at work sold it. So i bought a 50 meter roll of 25mm, Black, Poly webbing.

I didn't need that much! 

So i used what i needed and stuck the rest on Ebay.

It sold almost straight away and that was that!

The start of MakersPlace.

1 roll turned into 2 - 2 turned into 200.


Now i offer multiple types, widths and weights of webbing, among other things and it all started with a roll bought for myself to use.

Makers Place - A place for makers

Makers Place is a place for makers - An online store for makers supplies and information.

Its owned and ran by me, Phil. I'm a person that loves making things. Leather craft, Kydex and sewing are the things you'll usually find me  doing, but ill try anything - With varying degrees of success! I'm always on the look out for different things to try.

I offer tools and supplies to help get your projects finished. You'll also find ebooks and a forum to help with inspiration, ideas and info on how and what to try and do. Being ran by only me, you'll only have 1 person to deal with and I'll "bend over backwards" to keep you happy and give you a great shopping experience. I usually end up sourcing and adding new products because i'm trying to make something and cant find what i'm looking for, so source my own, or because its something i use often. So i only stock items i would personally use, because of this, you can guarantee i don't sell junk!

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