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Please note that these are not Orignal Blade Tek Tek locks.


* Made from nylon PA66 with much durability and impact resistance                                  

* Perfect fit with precision mold and design;

* Fits 1.5-2.25 ‘’ wide belt by removing blocks;

* Can be used with "gearwheel" compatible of holsters with high or low position carry;

* Detachable fast from belt.


innovative and versatile belt attachment system with an integrated secondary locking system. This attachment is easy to attach, easy to remove and is a customer favorite worldwide.

It has an adjustable belt guide inside of the buckle letting you adjust to get the best fit.

It comes with 4 Chicago screws with washers/spacers, nut and bolt and allen wrench.

Precision Molded Design
Contoured Design
Quick Release Tabs
Adjustable Shim / Belt Sizing Rolling Thumb Lock

Premium Tek Lok Buckle

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