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Brand Name: IQiuhike
Type: Paracord 2mm 100FT Paracord
Name: Parachute cord
Type: Paracoed
Item Category: Paracord 2mm
Paracord Diameter: 2mm
Paracord Material: Polyester Paracord
Length: 100ft,50ft,25ft Paracord
Color: About 100 Colors
Paracord Use 1: Bracelets Necklace Etc,Nunchaku Connection Rope
Paracord Use 2: 1 Stand Parachute Cord , Outdoor Camping Survival Kit
Paracord Use 3: Winding Handle, Stick Handle, Body Sticks

Parocord 2mm 25FT 50FT 100FT (31Meters)

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