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    What is lapping Film

    A very versatile diamond abrasive sheet

    Lapping FIlm is essentially just like sandpaper. Its a flat sheet with an abrasive, in this case a diamond abrasive. 

    Because of the diamond abrasive it uses it is extremely durable and is great for sanding hard surfaces

    Its used in industries like Fibre Optics to polish the glass fibre optic and also in the manufacturing of phone screens etc..

    It can do everything sandpaper can do and more. It can polish metals, plastics and glass etc. You can even sharpen your knives with it.

    The abrasive is measured in microns as apposed to grit because it gets extremely fine as you go down the microns, for example 0.5micron is simler to 50,000 grit sandpaper.

    Polishing films are polishing materials with ultra-precision flexibility. They are made with diamond powders evenly coated on the surface of flexible substrate by adhesives and are often used for lapping and precision polishing of optical fiber, semiconducting materials, metal rollers, etc.

    Product Characteristics

    •  Evenly-sprayed particles on coated surfaces.

    •  Submicron powder particles make high polishing accuracy.

    •  Positioned lapping & polishing to save abrasive materials.

    •  Fine curved surface polishing effects because of flexible substrate.

    •  Suitable for polishing with dry, water or oil.

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